About Me

Name is Sarah. I'm the mom. Yup, that's my job. That and wife and a million other titles that go with that. I'm also the chef & somewhat creative mind around these parts although quite honestly I think the true creative mind in this house belongs to my four year old who exclaimed "hurry officer, come quick, the bad man has stolen our baby" into her play phone this morning!

I like to make stuff. Create, produce, and all that. I like to do it for me and I like to do it for my friends and family. I've always felt pretty at home in the kitchen and am getting more comfortable behind my sewing machine.

I live in Missouri in the suburbs of Saint Louis. Got hear via Iowa, a very quick stint in Colorado and eight years in Wisconsin, the up north part where it's cold. I am one of four sisters, a former rugby player, and former social worker.

There is much more to say but dear Jojo was up at 5am and I need a nap.