Saturday, February 5, 2011

Embellished 5 - Pink T Refashion

So I was really tickled when Stefi of Just Chic contacted me a while back to be part of the "Embellished Five". The idea is that five bloggers will start with the same item. We will each embellish it however we like and post about it on the same day. For the first round, Stefi sent each of us a pink t-shirt. You know the, basic one you can pick up at JoAnne Fabric or Michael's Craft Store. Very square, crew neck, shaped for a boy or a girl.

I have to admit, I had a tough time deciding what to do. In the past I ALWAYS wore plain crewneck t-shirts so I would have been okay with leaving this shirt just as it was!! But, I did lots of cruising around the internet and landed on this photo as my inspiration.

And this is my version.





I did the following to modify my shirt.
-refashioned the neckline, added an unfinished edge
- shortened and took in sleeves, added an unfinished edge
- added strips of an additional pink t-shirt to create the ruffled look on the front of the shirt

I took a bunch of pics so I can do a bit of tutorial on this later in the week. Hope you like it! My husband says it looks a bit "80's" but he likes it!

Be sure to check out the rest of the "Embellished Five" to see what they came up with! And look for more. We have four more rounds to go!

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Oooo, I just looked at two of the other projects! It's so fun to see what other people came up with!!


  1. OOooh - I love it!!! Now I need to get another tee shirt so I can try this out too! Great job!!

  2. Your version is so darling, I think I'll also adopt the idea :)and I like how you refashioned the neckline

  3. SUPER cute. Love it. Great recreation of your idea. This is totally a must try.

  4. I love those layers! It is hard to believe this is even the same tee you started with!

  5. wow - you did a GREAT job - I might have to attempt this!

  6. this is one of my favorite shirts from downeast! super job!

  7. Oh I love this. Wish there was a tutorial for it! I'd love to feature it!

  8. I didn't know you had this blog. I love it!!! Great ideas! (Love the t-shirt, btw.)

  9. This is too cute. I have been looking for ways to redo shirts. I redid two for Chritmas, and I bought some extras on sale that are still waiting on a revamp.

  10. C'est une bonne idée, beau travail !


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